bethany & christine. the flowers face the sun, and so do we.

As flowers and other plants grow, they will grow toward the sun. This is because they need this sunlight to survive. Even more interesting, some flowers, such as sunflowers, turn to face the sun as it moves across the horizon. These flowers make optimum use of light.

Much as flowers and plants depend on sunlight to survive, we depend on certain things to survive. We need God and His grace and mercy, we need the love that flows from those who know Him, but we also need an outlet. We feel the need to write and share. We believe art can heal and words can encourage. Maybe you’ll read one of our poems and think, “That’s it. That’s how I’m feeling.” Or maybe you’ll see a verse we share, and feel that God is speaking to you through those words. Whatever is is, we hope this blog helps you as much as it helps us.

Thanks for reading our posts. Join us in the journey. (:



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