everything she writes

is about you;

she sings songs

just so you’ll listen to her.

but you dont even give her a second glance,

much less a single chance.

i see the way

you look at those other girls,

but do they

write poetry about you

or sing to you when youre sad?

you look at them

as if they are stars;

i think you forgot

that the sun is a star,

because that’s what she is.


writer’s block

a blank document,

paper with empty lines.

the creative directions i want to take

are just

dead ends.

all i know is frustration,

with pen in hand

and a blank page

staring back at me.

there are times where i know

how to arrange my words just so,

and that time

will come again soon.

i will listen to

the whisper of a pen across a page –

sweet, sweet poetry

written across those

empty lines.


in this colour palette of life, you are a vibrant, bold hue,

and you tell me i shouldnt be

the muted pastel that i am.


if we are music to be played,

you are the pop song featured on the radio,

and i am just the acoustic version.


find us on the dance floor, and see that you are

the waltz or the salsa or the tango;

im only the slow dance you dont care to watch.


people would describe you as

loud, flashy, vivid – me as

gentle, subdued, enigmatic.


but together, we are

chaos and calm,

entropy and equilibrium.


youve got yourself written

all over my heart.

but i suppose that’s fine –

after all,

you were just the best of

bad ideas documented.

i tried to chase you down,

for a while at least;

lived thinking

i couldnt be happy without you.

it was a dance

choreographed around you.

at least now i can say

that’s one lesson down.

you were great,

but temporary only.

laughter, a few sparkling nights, and

a seeming brightness

isnt all i need.

im much happier

with this.

p.s. this is a poem about having fun versus being content. there is no connection to any people. to see the part of the video that inspired me, click here.


a soft halo of light

surrounds the silhouette

of your face.

the world pauses

just for a moment –

an epiphany


this is

serendipity indeed,

’cause God knows

i wasnt looking for anybody.

but your voice

is mellifluous,

and there’s warm skin

when our shoulders brush.

if it were you and me, us,

things might work out;

it might last

forever this time.

ive got high hopes,

and yes,

this is danger zone.


especially considering that

when you look at the stars,

youre thinking of her

and not me.