a beautiful song i wrote for two.

a beautiful song i wrote for you.

a beautiful song i sang to the stars.

a beautiful song i sang to a star.


a melody i thought was sweet,

was something only she could sing.

the way you looked at her and not me,

was the saddest thing i’d ever see.


you promised her your heart;

in doing so, you tore mine apart.

i’ll never be her, as you can see.

i’ll always be plain, boring me.


is it at all possible, im sure it’s true,

to have your heart broken by someone

who wouldn’t even date you…



i dance with the dead;
they sing their songs in my head.
and i have keys to places
you’ll only see in your dreams.

they stare me down and
i turn my eyes to you.
but you look away
and dont give me a second glance.

their whispers fill the room
and the fake laughter echoes in my ear.
i wait to hear anything from you,
but not even a breath escapes in my direction.

i can taste their lies –
they are bitter in my mouth.
your words would be sweet;
won’t you fill me up with them?

they can smell my fear
from a mile away.
all you would smell is my lilac perfume.
if only you would draw me close again.

they brush their shoulders against me
as if they dont even know im there.
but one touch from you
brings me to my senses.

we could dance with the dead,
and their songs could replay in our heads.
couldnt we share keys to our most secret places,
and it all be more than a dream?