when she was younger, you tried to tell her that her body

was a temple.


but then you insisted she had to have a small waist and a curvy figure to be seen as attractive;

you threw her into this mold of a body that you had formed in your mind.

you taught her to measure how much skin she showed:

shorts down to midthigh, skirts not too short, no shoulder or back exposed.

you told her it was her fault if a cute boy had a single wrong thought

about her and her body.

when he put his hands on her even after she said no

and when they ridiculed her because of her body even after she told them to stop

all you had to say then was “you were probably asking for it”

and “well, look at the clothes you wear”.

you trained her to shame other women if they wore

something you didnt like or approve of.

if you didnt accept what others covered their bodies with,

she shouldnt accept them.


you tried to teach her that beauty was more than skin-deep,

but what she learned was just the opposite.

instead of her body being a temple, it wasnt even an altar.


it was just a sacrifice to those who didnt deserve her.